Who needs Driver Improvement

Adult drivers who have accumulated excessive points during a 12 month period must complete an 8 hour driver improvement class for point reduction or face suspension, resulting in the loss of driving priviledges.  Keeping a citaion off your record is best.  However, it is not always possible.  Finally, it may come down to just keeping your priviledge to drive.  Either way "AADI" can help!  You will not regret taking this course.  We do it right.









No Points- Drivers may be allowed by many court systems to attend a driver improvement course to keep citations and points off their record.  Often it reduces the amount they must pay.  This is by far the best approach.  Check with the court system where you are to appear, if the issuing officer did not mention or explain the possibility.





Senior drivers are allowed by law, Read More... TCA 56-7-1107, to participate in a defensive driving class to receive a discount on their auto insurance rates.  It's the Law.




Under age drivers who accumulate excessive points are required to complete an 8 hour defensive driving class.  Young drivers often fail to realize how serious and dangerous driving can be.  A lack of maturity and judgment results in injury or death.  Read More... www.tn.gov/safety/pubsafety/teendriversafety.shtml