Certificates are received at the completion of class.

Deliver the original copy to the proper court system or state agency.

Photo-copy the certificate for your records.  Keep the copy- Reprints are $30.

Mailing address for 8 hour State ordered students:

Tennessee Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security

Driver Improvement Section

P.O. Box 945

Nashville, TN  37202

If you attended a hearing you may be instructed to mail the certificate back to the hearing officer.

Certificates must be received by the State within  90 days of the "date of notice" on your letter or from the date of your hearing.

Rescheduling your class date does not extend the 90 day State deadline.  For extensioins phone DOSHS

@ 615-741-3954 or 615-251-5318

For traffic citations, most court systems will allow you to mail the certificate to them with any payments due.

Some Judges may require you to appear in court before attending this course and others prefer you attend before court.  If you were not instructed by the officer, you need to call the court and inquire.